Relieving your body and soul through hand-healing treatment.
BALI NATURA`s spa treatment provides healing from the inside through our therapist`s high ability using hand-healing approach.
As our commitment, slow but strong, reaching deep to the whole body, relieving stresses and tiredness from the heart and the body, reshaping our customer`s condition from the inside, waking the beauty both inside and outside.

About us

BALI NATURA is an Asian spa that provides hand-healing treatment, offering place of tranquility, ultimate relaxation, learned from the heart, the art of healing from all of Asia. Relieving all the stresses and tiredness of the body and soul from the modern society member through our therapist`s compassion and ability, reviving the 5 senses which are the sources of energy for human. Taking back the self-healing power human originally had, reawaken life forces full of beauty.


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Why Bali Natura?

1 1.	The technologies of our therapists are one of a kind.

Our treatments are traditional Balinese massage. All our therapists went through hard and strict Balinese hand technique and knowledge training thoroughly, to be now one of the topmost therapist. Furthermore, our top spa therapists are managing [Sekolah Bali] where they train therapists to be highly qualified therapists.

2 2.	Real Balinese space experience.

In our store, all our furniture and interior are imported directly from Bali. A space that looks like Balinese hideout surrounded by the smell of aromatics, and sound of gamelan where you can enjoy the flow of time and forget all your stress and tiredness. Rejuvenate your heart by the relaxing surrounding.

3 3.	Welcoming with curing hospitality.

BALI NATURA thinks that no matter how excels our technique is, if we could not make our customers feel better, it is not a true healing. By welcoming our customers with detail mindfulness and attention, building trust from heart to heart, creating heart-calming, gentle atmosphere, that is BALI NATURA`s living heart of healing hospitality.

Bali Natura's massage technologies

  • Hand technique

    Balinese hand technique, using the palm to carefully apply pressure by long stroking and stimulating the pressure point rhythmically. The exquisite balance combination, reaching the roots of the stiffness, relieving muscle stress, and adjust the flow of lymph of the body by letting you taste the exhilaration healing from the core you have never taste before.


    Smell is an important element to relieve the 5-senses. Our salon is filled by the rich smell of aromatics, you can choose the aroma oil you would like to be used in the treatment from all our effectively different blended aroma oil.

  • Heart

    Healing from within. We make the transmission of feeling and heart through the touch of the hand as the most important element. Gently recharging your tired body and soul. Enjoy the power of hand healing.


    The sound of chirping birds, wind, and water. By listening to wave like repetitive wondrous sound, you will be able to have a pleasant nap in peace.


    Herb tea after treatment. Increase the efficiency of waste products excretion from the inside, after the increase of metabolism by the massage.