• ボディケア

    DEWI SRI SPA is a special skin care series with variety of purposes, for instance, whitening, moisturizer, slimming, damaged skin cure. Made with the combination of rich nutrient rice extract, and essential oil to take care of the body. Feel free to use it at your home.

  • ヘッドケア

    Directly imported from Indonesia. Cream bath produced by Martha Tilaar which is difficult to get even for the local. By applying the cream thoroughly with care, massaging and stimulating the pressure point, increasing the blood flow, healing the body from the head. Furthermore, leading to a healthier scalp and reviving the original beauty of the hair.

  • フェイスケア

    Carefully chosen plants ingredients will stimulate the beauty force of the body. [SARIAYU] skin care series made by adjusting to the skin of Asian women, has clear color tone and unique smell that will give those effect. We made variety of the series, that will suit variety of skin. Our customers can use it for everyday use.